They recover the body of a young man trapped under rubble of the former Vocational School in Santiago de Cuba

His name was Yordenis Nieves Ramos, a 32-year-old young man from Santiago.

Rescatistas de la Cruz Roja y el Cuerpo de Bomberos © Facebook / Aris Arias Batalla
Rescuers from the Red Cross and the Fire Department Photo © Facebook / Aris Arias Batalla

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Rescuers from the Cuban Red Cross and members of the Fire Department's Rescue and Rescue recovered this Thursday morning the body of the young man who was trapped under the rubble after the collapse in the old Vocational School of Santiago de Cuba.

His name was Yordenis Nieves Ramos, from Santiago, 32 years old. His identity was confirmed by experts and relatives present at the scene at the time of the body's extraction, around 8:30 a.m. this Thursday, reported in a statement on social networks Aris Arias Batalla, head of Operations and Relief of the Red Cross in Santiago de Cuba.

Photo: Facebook/Aris Arias Batalla

The collapse of one of the structures of the former IPVCE Antonio Maceo Grajales also left one person injured, who was transferred to the Juan Bruno Zayas Surgical Clinical Hospital and whose identity is unknown at this time.

Photo: Facebook/Aris Arias Batalla

Arias Batalla said that the collapse, which occurred this Wednesday around two in the afternoon, occurred when three people entered the place with the intention of "subtracting steel bars from the structures that were already weakened and in danger of collapsing."

"As a consequence of the existing vulnerabilities in the structures of the premises, a total collapse of 4 levels occurred," he said.

Photo: Facebook/Aris Arias Batalla

On July 6, two people were injured after a partial collapse in the same institute vocational in Santiago de Cuba.

At that time, the official press also indicated that the injured people "were illegally removing steel strips from the structure of one of the warehouses on the fourth level."

One of the injured was immediately rescued and transferred to the Saturnino Lora Provincial Hospital, while the other was trapped under the rubble. Hours later, the rescuers managed to access the area where he was stuck and they managed to get him out alive.

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