They threaten presenter Marisela Alfonso Madrigal for her complaints on networks

Cuban broadcaster Marisela Alfonso Madrigal denounces having received attacks from State Security that threaten her with suffering the "consequences" if she continues her criticism of the government.

Marisela Alfonso Madrigal © Facebook/Marisela Alfonso Madrigal
Marisela Alfonso Madrigal Photo © Facebook/Marisela Alfonso Madrigal

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The former speaker ofRadio Rebelde, Marisela Alfonso Madrigal, reported having received new threats and attacks from theState Security through a false profile on social networks, something he described as “disgusting cowardice.”

Alfonso Madrigal attached inFacebook a screenshot of the exchange with an alleged Internet user named Clara Gómez who described her as a “worm” and presented herself as part of “Las Marianas.”

"We are State Security, we ask you again to stop making complaints against our country, which you served for a long time, and you know it […]Be careful, we don't believe in anyone."says part of the message, which does not hesitate to directly threaten the former presenter ofRadio Rebelde with suffering the “consequences” if he persists in his criticism of the Cuban reality.

(Source: Facebook screenshot/Marisela Alfonso Madrigal)

Marisela Alfonso described the attack as “shameful” and reminded her attacker that today her people live off the so-called worms, which have become“butterflies of salvation.”

“Is being a broadcaster serving a country? Obviously, I worked at an official station and that is not news, what happens, federated, CDR or whatever you are, that my brightness, my light bothers you, my truth expands and "You are a snake waiting to devour me, but I do not belong to your food chain, so keep crawling and I will continue with my light, shine and my truth," he concluded.

(Source: Facebook screenshot/Marisela Alfonso Madrigal)

The speaker, who has been self-employed since 2007, announced anext video through his YouTube channel in which he promises to respond in a more relaxed way to threatswhich he described as “cyberclaria”.

It is not the first time that Alfonso Madrigal has received a similar threat. In April he released a screenshot of another message in which an allegedState Security officer threatened her for her complaints on social networks against the government and state institutions.

On that occasion, the supposed political police agent also warned him that if he continued publishing complaints against the Castro regime, he would have to face consequences. To this threat Marisela responded that she would go to the end with her truth and urged the person who threatened her to come forward, while stressing that no retaliation could be worse than the lack of food and medicine that the Cuban people suffer.

One of Marisela Alfonso's most recent complaints was a criticism of theterrible conditions in Cuban dentistry clinics, although he described dentists as "warriors" and eternal lovers of their profession.

In April a publication of his went viral after he founda cockroach among the tubes of ham that were sold in an MLC store from Havana.

At the beginning of the year the announcerbroke out with harsh criticism against the Cuban government and in particular against the system of inspectors, due to the imposition of a fine for their garage sales.

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