Camila Cabello confuses a The Voice contestant with her ex: "Is Shawn Mendes up there?"

The Cuban singer could not hide her surprise during the blind auditions for The Voice when she heard a contestant sing one of her ex's songs.

Camila Cabello en The Voice © Youtube / The Voice
Camila Cabello on The Voice Foto © Youtube / The Voice

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Camilo Cabello He starred in a great moment in one of the last programs of the talent show The Voice by confusing one of the contestants with her ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

The participant Tanner Howe appeared in the blind audition singing "Mercy", the Canadian's song, and when singing the first verses the Cuban singer confused his voice with that of her ex.

"Is that my...? Is Shawn up there?" the "Havana" singer asked, looking at her partner Blake Shelton while she looked surprised, really thinking that it was Shawn Mendes who was singing.

Finally, the Cuban was the only one of the coaches who did not turn around during the young man's performance, whom she congratulated for his performance and admitted that she had thought it was her ex-partner who was on stage. "I was like, 'Is Shawn on stage right now?'" she said.

Given this comment, the contestant felt flattered and responded by assuring that no one knows how to sing better than Camila. "I know him better than everyone in this room," said the "Bam Bam" singer.

"The reason I didn't turn around was because I felt like you sounded too much like him. Obviously, he has an amazing voice. I love this song. But I would like to know when you choose your coach, how I could distinguish you," Camila explained after this exchange of words, to which Howe assured that he would try to be unique in his next performances.

In the end, the contestant stayed on Gwen Stefani's team, rejecting the offers of the other two coaches, Blake Shelton and John Legend.

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