Andy García Lorenzo's family requests asylum in Germany

The Cubans are in a refugee camp.

Pedro López © Facebook / Pedro López y Roxana García
Pedro Lopez Photo © Facebook / Pedro López and Roxana García

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Relatives of the political prisoner Andy Garcia Lorenzo They requested political asylum in Germany after escaping from Cuba and are currently in a refugee camp.

Pedro López, activist in Cuba for the release of political prisoners, He escaped from the country last week with his wife and two children, one of them is García Lorenzo's brother-in-law; but until now its destination and location were unknown.

"We had to flee from State Security and everything was very hasty," the Cuban clarified through a video from the refugee camp in the city of Giessen.

López showed images of the camp where he is with his family and said that they were aware that they would face these conditions, and ruled out any possibility of traveling to Spain for the moment, because otherwise they would lose the opportunity to regularize their immigration status and therefore they will continue. with the process in Germany.

"We want to thank the German authorities who have welcomed us. The attention has been good, making an effort to ensure that we are as good as possible; but here the migration situation is quite serious. This is full of Ukrainians," he explained.

The activist promised that he will soon be able to resume his actions to help the political prisoners of Cuba, mainly through a project that, thanks to the donation of many people, was able to provide food, hygiene and other basic necessities to those who are in prison. in prisons for ideological reasons.

"We will find a way, as soon as we can, and we know that we have the support of all of you," he added.

Pedro López and his family not only asked for the freedom of Andy García Lorenzo in Cuba, but also demanded justice for all the political prisoners in the country, which cost him harassment, fines and arrests by State Security, which prevented him for months. their demonstrations against the government.

"We decided to face all this and continue until the last moment, but Andy himself has been asking us to please leave the country, that he did not want us to continue going through these things and he kept telling us all the time that we had no idea what what it was like to be in there," García Lorenzo's sister said in a video shortly after making the decision.

According to the family, the counterintelligence offered them an ultimatum to leave Cuba and they agreed to this to avoid having Pedro and his son Jonatan prosecuted for the alleged crimes of disobedience and instigation to commit a crime.

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