Randy Arozarena on mention in Bad Bunny's song: “It was something very nice”

“That a person like Bad Bunny remembers me is something very important,” said the major leaguer.

Randy Arozarena referred toits mention in one of the bars of the song “Nobody knows”, by Bad Bunny, included on the albumNobody knows what will happen tomorrow, which he described as “something very nice”

Arozarena stopped bythe podcast of the popular Cuban influencer and comedian José Ernesto González, Carnota, where he was asked about the matter.

“What were you doing when Bad Bunny released that song in the intro, that he told you “I myself am impressed like Randy Arozarena. What were you doing? “You said, what?” Carnota asked.

“Ah, no, I was coming from dinner with the family, and a friend of mine, a little boy like that, told me: 'Look, Randy, Bad Bunny mentioned you in a song.' And I said: 'how like that'. But I knew that he was going to release the album that night, but I didn't know that he was going to mention me, and in the first song on the album he mentioned me, and it was something very nice. And for a person like Bad Bunny to remember me is something very important,” the major leaguer responded.

Among so many elite baseball players, Bad Bunny chose Cuban Randy Arozarena to mention him in one of the most sincere and personal songs on his latest album, and the player has not missed the opportunity to make his gratitude public.

Last November, on his Instagram, the baseball player, a naturalized Mexican, shared the fragment of the song where Bad Bunny mentions him along with a multiplied “thank you.”

Arozarena exudes character and charisma, and he has demonstrated it throughout his career,as he recently recounted in an interview for the magazineGQ, who considered him one of the “Men of the Year” in Mexico.

“As the eldest son, at 19 years old, I had to become a father to my brothers. I felt like I was going to risk my life for my family,” Arozarena said when recounting the death of his father when he was still a young prospect in Cuba.

The player reviewed the rise of his career and told how he escaped from Cuba in the extensive interview for the Mexican media.

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