Griselda Blanco's son angry with Sofía Vergara for making his mother "ugly": "She was a beautiful woman"

The son of the Colombian drug trafficker is not happy after the premiere of the Netflix series starring Sofía Vergara

The name ofGriselda Blanco It is trending due to the premiere of the Netflix series based on the life of the Colombian drug trafficker. A role played by herselfSofia Vergara, who had to alter her image with a dental prosthesis, a plastic nose and a wig to become the 'Godmother of Cocaine'. A transformation process that the actress who has criticized Griselda's son underwent,Michael Corleone.

The son of the Colombian drug trafficker described as "disrespectful" the transformation of the appearance of the protagonist ofModern Family, who used facial prosthetics to put himself in Griselda's shoes.

"My mother was a beautiful woman. Being called 'ugly' really offends me."said Michael Corleone in an interview withDaily Mail. Additionally, he expressed his annoyance with the fact that people rely on his mugshots for their appearance. ""They called my mother a porcelain doll in her youth.", he added.

"Mayors, governors and politicians from different countries would try to court my mother... even here in the United States. She was thebest of the best", he stated during the interview, in which he recalled that his mother was a kind of celebrity during her stay in the Medellín Cartel.

"She was always a beautiful woman. Now, of course, twenty-six years in prison makes a person old. And my mother was so used to being pampered and she was so used to her support," said Michael Corleone.

In addition, the son of the deceased drug trafficker also showed his anger because his approval or participation was not available for the development of the series."If my mother was alive, they wouldn't have gotten away with this", he sentenced.

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