Meet the Cuban actor who is succeeding on Netflix for “Griselda”

Actor Alberto Guerra conquers Netflix with his role Darío in the series "Griselda".

Actores Alberto Guerra y Sofía Vergara. © Instagram / @el_guerra
Actors Alberto Guerra and Sofía Vergara. Photo © Instagram / @el_guerra

TV series "Griselda”, from Netflix, has captured the attention of many viewers, and the talent of the young Cuban actor stands out in the cast Alberto Guerra playing the husband of Sofia Vergara.

Although the Colombian actress shows exceptional virtuosity in this new fiction, the news site 20 minutes pointed out that the cuban artist, Alberto Óscar Guerra Ramos, born on December 5, 1982, has also stood out with his brilliant performance.

According to the news portal, Guerra, who plays Darío, Griselda's third husband and father of Michael Corleone Blanco, is 42 years old and is an actor "with a buoyant career in Mexican cinema, although he has also participated in some American productions."

The American adaptation of “Vale tudo”, a famous and popular telenovela Brazilian, marked the debut of her career.

However, the first great opportunity came to Guerra with the novel “Ladrón de corazón”, achieving a permanent position in the 122 chapters of the audiovisual.

Since then, the Cuban living in Mexico He made appearances in at least a dozen television dramas, and he also acted in films such as “Tissed of Kissing Toads,” he noted. 20 minutes.

However, it was in USA where Guerra obtained his second longest role, in this case with the series “Guerra de idols”, participating in 76 chapters.

A Netflix arrived in 2017, thanks to the Mexican “Ingobernable”, a series in which she co-starred with one of the best-known Aztec actresses: Kate del Castillo.

The entertainment platform, in addition to “Ingobernable” and the recent “Griselda”, has relied on his talent for series such as “Historia de un corazón: Colosio” and films such as “Seeked for Dad”.

But his big moment with Netflix was the third season of “Narcos,” appearing in eight of the 10 episodes.

According to 20 minutes, hand in hand with the company streaming, Guerra is considered one of the most representative actors of the country that welcomed him, that is, Mexico, although he is Cuban by origin.

In one of his last performances on screen, this artist participated in the film “Cassandro”, about a homosexual wrestling fighter, who has the leading role in Gael García Bernal already Bad Bunny in a brief appearance.

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