The United States grants permanent residence to Alain Paparazzi Cubano

Alain went with his family to the Versailles restaurant to celebrate "the great blessing of being legally in this great country." The influencer keeps his request for political asylum open.

The United States government granted permanent residency toinfluencer Alain Lambert, better known asThe Cuban Paparazzi.

"Today I am overflowing with happiness, grateful for the opportunity that the USA has given me by opening its doors to me and granting me residency," he said on his Instagram account.

Alain thanked his immigration lawyer, Claudia Cañizares, for her help, since he was included in alist of "terrorists" that the Castro regime handed over to the US authorities days ago.

"To the journalists Mario Vallejo and Rolando Nápoles for covering this wonderful blessing in my life. Together we are unstoppable, thank you all for being part of this new beginning full of opportunities!" he added.

In statements toAmerica TeVe, Alain acknowledged that he always feels afraid when facing a dictatorship, but that everything turned out well with the support of God, his lawyer and the country that opened its doors to him.

For her part, the lawyer pointed out that being included on the Cuban blacklist could have caused a certain delay in the process, such as being called for an interview, but finally the US government granted him residency.

The young man wanted to celebrate with his family "the great blessing of being legally in this great country" and that is why they all went to eat at the iconic Versailles restaurant.

"Dreams come true. We are now officially residents of the United States," he said, elated with happiness.

Currently, on the advice of his lawyer, theinfluencer He keeps his application for political asylum open, since it provides more protection than permanent residence.

Alain arrived in Miami in August 2022 after a journey through Central America.

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