Elderly woman with mental disabilities is missing in Holguín

The woman, whose name has not been revealed, goes by the nickname Nene and suffers from a mental disability, although “she is not aggressive.” He resides in Sabanilla.

Anciana desaparecida © Facebook/Maite Romagoza Batista
Missing old woman Photo © Facebook/Maite Romagoza Batista

Aelderly Cuban woman, sick with nerves, is missing in Holguín, and her family urgently requests information to find her.

The case spread throughsocial media posts, where themissing woman by name, but she does respond to the nickname Nene, in addition to pointing out that she has a mental disability, but “she is not aggressive.” She resides in Sabanilla.

“This lady is lost, she is sick with nerves. Please, if anyone who sees her could do the favor of calling this number, I would appreciate it: 51437230. She is not aggressive and responds to the name Nene. Please, his family is very worried,” wrote user Maite Romagoza Batista, in the Facebook group “360 Holguin Compra, Venta Cuba.”

Facebook capture/Maite Romagoza Batista

Another Internet user, identified as Yulia Almaguer, also shared aNotice in her profile: “Please if anyone sees this lady, tell my aunt Darilis, she is missing, she is from Sabanilla,” and provided the same telephone number to contact relatives.

Facebook capture/Yulia Almaguer

Social networks are the space where a large number of Cubans seek help to find relatives who are missing, in the absence of a state channel where they can be viewed.cases of disappearances in Cuba.

Although the majority of these cases are reported to the authorities, families are forced to gather information and request collaboration on digital platforms for their search, in the face of the disinterest and inaction of the police.

One of the cases that has attracted the attention of thousands of Cubans has been that ofKarildi Marín, from Havana, who has been missing since December 14. During these two months, the family has desperately searched for the young mother through different means and expressed their disappointment with the police investigation.

Meanwhile, it's been two weeksmissing in Melena del Sur, province of Mayabeque, a man named Adrián, who also responds to the names Mallilla or Malli, and suffers from mental disorders. The municipal police authorities have not mobilized to find him either, according to his neighbors.

In other recent cases, it was known that after several days of being reported missing, the 13-year-old girls appeared safe and sound.Priscila Gómez Valladares, from Alamar, in Havana, andMelisa Suarez Rodriguez, from Chambas, Ciego de Ávila.

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