Daniela Reyes boasts about her "February in Cuba"

Not even on vacation does he stop training at the gym.

Daniela Reyes en Cuba © Instagram / Daniela Reyes
Daniela Reyes in Cuba Photo © Instagram / Daniela Reyes

The living picture of happiness are the photos shared a few hours ago byDaniela Reyes from his native Cuba.

After surprising last week with the news thatheaded to Havana, after almost a year living in Cancún, theyoutuber has shown more glimpses of his stay on the island.

"February in Cuba," he said along with a collection of snapshots that show the joy of returning as well as the enjoyment of moments with loved ones.

Before this, the Cuban influencer had also been seen training from Cuba, a habit that she does not give up even when she is on vacation.

"Cuba suits you well, dear"; "Cubita missed you"; "Always with that smile"; "Welcome home Queen"; "Always beautiful, natural and perfect"; "it's perfect to have you back, blessings Dani"; "The prettiest in Cuba," reads among the reactions that the collection of prints provoked among her fans, some of whom could not resist mentioning her ex-partner, Yomil, in the comments.

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