Che painting disappears from mall in Hialeah after controversy

The mayor of Hialeah condemned the exhibition of Che's portrait.

A painting by Ernesto "Che" Guevara that was exhibited in the Westland Mall in Hialeah was removed after the complaint of several citizens of the city, who recalled the crimes of the so-called Argentine guerrilla and the offense that this represents for the historical exile of the island in Miami.

One of the complaints appeared in the media Cubanos del Mundo on Instagram: "This is how we are living in Miami, soon we are going to have the CDR and the PCC in Hialeah; because we are going to have all the Castro communists living here," stated the publication.

In a video, he showed a painting that reproduces the famous photo of Ché "Heroic Guerrilla" taken by photographer Alberto Korda on March 5, 1960 along with other paintings that were exhibited in the shopping center.

The mayor of Hialeah, Estan Bovo, also spoke about the incident.

I am aware of the presence of the image of the murderer Che Guevara in a kiosk in the Westland Mall. I am offended that the likeness of a person who caused so much pain to the Cuban people is found inthe cradle of exile, and I denounce it roundly. I hope that those responsible for the presence of this image not only remove it immediately, but also educate themselves about Guevara's legacy of pain and suffering," he stressed.

This Wednesday. Cuban Iliana Curra Lussón went to complain to the owner of the business, and he confirmed that the painting was removed.

Hialeah is considered the most Hispanic city in the United States and with the largest presence of Cuban exiles in the country. In 2021 the organizationCuba Archive, based in Miami, launched a new edition of the book “The forgotten victims of Che Guevara”, which offered new data and testimonies about the propaganda campaign of the Cuban regime and the KGB to mythologize and give the guerrilla a romantic aura. Argentine responsible for the death of more than a hundred people on the island.

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María Werlau, author of the book originally published in 2011, provided new photographs and the updated list of Che's victims, as well as unpublished testimony about the summary execution by order of the Argentine of two brothers accused of being "snitches."

She recounted how the Cuban regime and the KGB orchestrated a campaign to turn Che Guevara into a "martyr of American imperialism", when in reality for the author he was a man "without mercy, a sociopath" to whom almost a hundreds of executions and shootings in the fortress of La Cabaña and in the Sierra Maestra.

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