The United States increased food exports to Cuba in 2023

US agri-food exports to Cuba increased by 4.2%, totaling $301,727,842.

Pollo estadounidense exportado a Cuba © CiberCuba
American chicken exported to Cuba Photo © CiberCuba

The United States increased food exports to Cuba by 4.2 percent in 2023, reported the Department of Agriculture of that country.

Datapublished They recently pointed out that US agri-food exports to Cuba increased by 4.2%, with a total of $301,727,842 dollars.

In December 2023 alone, agri-food exports to Cuba closed at $45,229,570 dollars, an increase of 14.8% compared to December 2022 ($39,393,828 dollars) and December 2021, when $28,091,304 dollars were imported.

This increase contributed to the 4.2% annual growth in total agri-food exports, consolidating Cuba in 53rd place of the 227 US agri-food export markets for the year 2023, the portal highlighted.Cubatrade in your section "Economic eye on Cuba".

In the breakdown of products, the ten main exports to Cuba represent 88.1% of total exports. The main exports were Chicken Leg Quarters (Frozen) and Chicken Meat (Frozen), which constitute 43.6% and 29.9% respectively.

The increase in coffee imports from the US is striking, reaching the historic figure of 5.4 million dollars.

Cubatrade points out that the relationship of the current Administration in the resurgence of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Cuba has continued to strengthen; and in 2023 these initiatives imported $24,163,312 dollars; of which $8 million were in vehicles.

Humanitarian donations from the US to Cuba also rose to $36,563,551 in 2023; compared to $30,083,306.00 in 2022.

Main food products imported by Cuba from the US:

1- Chicken Leg Quarters (Frozen); $136,866,359 dollars; They represent 43.6%.
2- Chicken Meat (Frozen); $93,942,602; 29.9%.
3- Chicken Thighs (Frozen); $38,928,985; 12.4%.
4- Canned Chicken Meat; $9,841,876; 3.1%.
5- Café (Roasted/Unroasted/Organic/Non-organic); $5.467.101; 1,7%.
6- Calcium Phosphates; $4,573,013; 1.5%.
7- Pork (Frozen); $4,031,078; 1.3%.
8- Chicken Meat and Edible Offal (Frozen); $3,045,932; 1.0%.
9- Milk/Cream (Concentrated/Unsweetened); $2,914,674; 1.0%
10- Pork (Processed, Frozen); $2,116,222; 0.70%.

The economist Pedro Monreal highlights that thetons of chicken meat exported by the US to Cuba registered the third highest historical value in 2023, only surpassed by the2021 figures and 2022.

The chicken, which had asignificant collapse in November last year, is today the main source of animal protein in Cuba.

Despite the increase in the cost of imports, the population continues to suffer hunger and face difficulties in accessing food. Likewise, the regime continues to use the embargo as the main excuse to justify state inefficiency and the crisis on the island.

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