Cuban goes crazy when her Puerto Rican daughter-in-law prepares Puerto Rican-style food for her in Cuba: "She doesn't cook for me anymore"

A Cuban woman's reaction when her Puerto Rican daughter-in-law cooks for her Puerto Rican style goes viral on TikTok.

A Puerto Rican woman who went to visit her partner's family in Cuba liveda fun family moment with his Cuban mother-in-law. A video that has made TikTok users laugh more than one, where the comical scene has almost 50 thousand views.

The Puerto Rican prepared a Puerto Rican-style meal for the family, without waiting for the reaction of her mother-in-law, who even threw her hands over her head because of the amount of seasoning she had added to the dish.

The funny scene was shared on the family's TikTok account (@cubaricanfamily).

In the images you can see the Puerto Rican woman laughing while her mother-in-law goes crazy."She doesn't cook for me anymore. Daddy, she used up all my seasonings on one meal. You don't see that anymore in her country."says the Cuban mother-in-law. "Look at this, the amount of seasoning this has. My God, it needs to be salty. Girl, you can't add anything more to this," she adds, completely enraged by all the condiments her daughter-in-law used.

"As we laughed that day, at Emilio's house they don't use powdered seasonings (only cumin), much less the marinade. My mother-in-law saved that because she had never tried it and she ran out"wrote the Puerto Rican next to the video, which has triumphed among the followers of the family account.

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