Lenier Mesa says he went to Cuba because he had to go: "Risking what would happen to me"

The Cuban singer spoke about his visit to the island during an interview with Enrique Santos.

Lenier Mesa's trip to Cuba Last year during the Santa María Music Fest it generated countless criticisms towards the artist, but he continues to deny the complicity with the regime of which he is accused.

In a recent interview, Enrique Santos asked the Cuban singer and composer what he would say to those people who questioned him strongly about his trip to the island.

“You think that a person who was like me, who has defended Cuba a lot here, who went to Washington, who has a song on YouTube, which I have never removed yet, attacking the Cuban government; that I have links with the Cuban government,” Lenier rebuked.

“They don't let me sing in Cuba. I am an artist who is from here, they don't let me sing in Cuba. Why did I go? I didn't go to that festival. Who saw me? Tell them to take a video, a photo of me at the festival. EITHER, What do I have to do with that festival? Nothing, only I was with 6ix9ine's tour with the album we made and I had to go to Cuba that day and I went. Risking what would happen to me. That's what people don't see," said the artist.

Lenier referred again to the visit to his grandfather, which at that time he said was the reason for your trip to Cuba and added that he had enough evidence to prove it.

They sent a person to record my grandfather and that he said that he had nothing, that he was fine, that video that my grandfather made was sent to a person who was paid and he went there and I have the evidence,” Lenier revealed.

“What do I need from Cuba if I'm fine with what I earn here?” he asserted.

Several Internet users on Enrique Santos' Instagram pointed out in the comments that if this were the case he would have been able to deny all the rumors at that time and therefore They don't believe his words.

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