Drivers warn of leaks in the Bahía Tunnel in Havana

“I have been discussing this with friends for a while: at any moment the tunnel collapses,” said a taxi driver. “We will have to look for the French who did it,” said another.

Cuban drivers warned of the danger posed by the leaks presented by theHavana Bay Tunnel, and that make the pavement slippery.

“The drop of water that falls on all of us inside the Bay Tunnel. You pass at the speed you want, it always falls on the windshield,” said a user from the group ofFacebook 'Boteros D' Cuba'.

Screenshot Facebook / Boteros D' Cuba

Another Internet user shared avideo the well-known group 'Bus & Truck Accidents. For more experience and fewer victims!', in which he showed the humidity present in the ceiling and pavement of the emblematic tunnel.

“For those who say that the Tunnel has no filtration. In the floor there is a gap of the constant stream on both paths. It is already a danger,” indicated the user.

Screenshot Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

The perception of the risk that leak problems could pose in this 67-year-old infrastructure was the reason for several comments in both publications.

“I have been discussing this with friends for a while: at any moment the tunnel collapses. I imagine that the surface of the tunnel has to be dredged, the weight of so much accumulated garbage is putting pressure. We will be international news about the disaster for not acting in time,” said a taxi driver.

"What a problem! If simpler things take many years to solve, imagine this situation. We will have to look for the French who did it,” said another user.

“And what can you tell me about the potholes inside the tunnel on both lanes, but even more so on the right towards Eastern Havana?” asked another driver, focusing on another of the problems reported by users of the tunnel. Tunnel: the potholes.

“It won't take long for it to collapse. Then they close it and send you along the port avenue, and the matter is resolved,” said another. “That leak has been like this for a while,” several pointed out. “The bad thing is that today it is a drop. Tomorrow, we will not have a tunnel,” considered another Cuban.

At the end of September, traffic in the Tunnel wasaffected by rehabilitation works. The Provincial Road Safety Commission of Havana informed the population of the closure, but did not offer more details about the repairs. Months before, in May,the same thing happened.

The Havana Bay Tunnel, which connects Old Havana with the east of the city, allows the passage of about 32 thousand vehicles every day.

However, traffic is frequently affected by flooding during rainy seasons, or by repairs due to its deterioration, its proximity to the sea and its age. In April 2023,The Tunnel went dark due to maintenance work which forced them to cut off the electricity to their lights.

In July 2022, a state taxi suffered a spectacular accident after the driver slipped and lost control of the a result of the water accumulated in the Tunnel.

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