Taxi suffers accident due to accumulated water in the Havana Tunnel

The vehicle ended up with considerable damage to the rear, although fortunately no injuries or fatalities were reported.

Taxi sufre accidente en Túnel de La Habana © Facebook/ Oslaine Martí
Taxi suffers accident in Havana Tunnel Photo © Facebook/ Oslaine Martí

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Andstate taxi suffered a spectacular accident after the driver slipped and lost control of the vehicle as a result of the water accumulated in theHavana Tunnel.

The Facebook userOslaine Martí He shared the information on his Facebook account. “It was to be expected... an accident caused by water,” he wrote in his post, where he also criticized the authoritiesfor not even putting up a traffic sign alert drivers of the danger.

Facebook/ Oslaine Martí

Martí also shared several photos in which you can see the damage suffered by the Lada vehicle. The damage is mainly to the rear of the car, although fortunately, no injuries or deaths have been reported as a result of the incident.

The images, although low resolution, also showthe worrying volumes of water that cover the tunnel route and hinder the safe movement of automobiles. They also allow us to appreciate the long line of cars that formed after the accident at the entrance to the structure.

Facebook/ Oslaine Martí
Facebook/ Oslaine Martí

In the comments, numerous Internet users expressed their concern about the evident construction instability of this work of Cuban engineering.

“Yesterday I passed by on a bus and as I was in the window I got soaked, I don't know what they are doing there, there is a lot of water and they don't say anything at all,” said user Yigsa Leydis. “That is a danger, they should close it now and repair it before a misfortune occurs,” commented Leandro Daniel Quesada Almenares.

Martí also shared his post in the Facebook group“BUS & TRUCK ACCIDENTS for more experience and fewer victims!” and generated more opinions from forum members. "That is a fact,That tunnel needs general maintenance”Dionnys CA noted.

Facebook/ “BUS & TRUCK ACCIDENTS for more experience and fewer victims!”

According to Internet user Alejpandro LópezThe floods in the Havana Tunnel date back several days, so it was a matter of time before an accident happened. “I hope they repair it soon, because otherwise, I see us crossing Havana by boat,” he added.

“That tunnel is already stressful to go through... I thank God every time I pass it”, “We lose the tunnel too. Even shame has been lost here”, “That tunnel has nothing left, it is full of leaks. And what about the Talla Piedra section that has already been closed for three years? There is no one who takes the Vía Blanca during peak hours,” added other users of the social network.

In June 2021, the National Road Safety Commission informed the population of the capital thatThe bay tunnel was going to close for several days in the Cabaña-Havana direction. According to a note published at that time by the state weekly Tribuna de La Habana, work would be carried out to change the grilles inside the structure.

A few days later,Road traffic was restored in the area. While the maintenance actions lasted, only buses, special regime vehicles and other authorized vehicles could travel through the tunnel, with a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, during the passage of articulated buses, the opposite lane had to be closed.

In May of that year, Renier Tiel Carrazana, a resident of Cojímar, issued a complaint to the official newspaperRebel Youth, with respect toa steel plate located in the tunnel, because it created “a tremendous problem when vehicles pass over it.”

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