Jacob Forever celebrates the success of his tour: "New songs are breaking in Europe and the classics don't go out of style"

The Cuban singer is back after his successful tour of Europe.

Jacob Forever He is back in Miami after his tour of Europe, where he offered several concerts in different cities that his fans will remember forever and so will the singer himself. On his social networks, the Immortal left some videos of the moments he experienced at the shows.

On his Instagram profile, the singer of "Hasta que se se el Malecón" published a video singing his songs in front of his dedicated audience, who chanted the lyrics of his hits with him and enjoyed the show to the fullest.

"New songs are breaking in Europe and the classics do not go out of style! Always thank you all for the love, support and dedication in each of my presentations", wrote the artist, proud and happy to have made his European audience sing his songs, both the most popular and the newly released ones.

"The European tour was a complete success", "You deserve that and more, you are immensely special", "Tremendous concert, the best of the best" or "The Immortal, the best of the best", are just some of the comments that they left to the Cuban singer.

Despite the tremendous reception by his audience, Jacob Forever's tour has not been without controversy. At the beginning of his tour,A Cuban musician who resides in Italy made strong statements against the reggaeton singer. According to Maklin, last year the El Inmortal work team contacted her for this tour and it was when the singer was already in Italy that they told her that they were not finally going to hire her.

"As a professional you leave a lot to be desired. You don't respect your musicians or your work team, you don't respect your work or your audience," said the Cuban artist in a TikTok video.

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