La Dura poses swimming from Punta Cana and they call her "The Mermaid of Miami"

The Cuban raised passions on Instagram with her new pose.

La Dura en traje de baño © La Dura / Instagram
La Dura in a bathing suit Photo © La Dura / Instagram

The Cuban influencer Diliamne Jouve, better known to all as The Hard, has once again raised passions on social networks with a new pose in the purest summer style.

The young woman is enjoying a spectacular vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, with her husband, the urban singer Jacob Forever, and her daughter, little Saisha.

From this paradisiacal setting, La Dura has shared a photograph in which she appears showing off her spectacular figure clad in a white swimsuit while swimming face up in a pool.

The reactions and comments from her fans were immediate and there were many admirers of La Dura who gave her messages full of affection. There were even a couple of followers who called her "The Mermaid of Miami" and "Toy Barbie" because of her posing.

"She looks like a toy barbie lying there in the water, I love it", "How beautiful", "You are a true goddess", "The Miami Mermaid", "Leave a little beauty for the others, you are too much", " That photo is beautiful" or "In any season of the year you look pretty", are several of the comments that stand out in the post.

In addition to her posing in the pool, La Dura has given her followers other images taken during her stay in Punta Cana, such as the photo session she took at night on the beach wearing a tight white dress like no one else that she combined with some matching sunglasses.

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