Yotuel's message to the Cuban military: "Make a brave decision"

"The opportunity to make a difference is in your hands. Help us build a Cuba where we can live without fear or oppression. Your support for the cause of freedom will be remembered forever."

Yotuel Romero © Yotuel / Facebook
Yotuel Romero Photo © Yotuel / Facebook

Yotuel Romero He sent a message to the Cuban military in which he asks them to make a brave decision and help the people to put an end forever to the system that has them mired in crisis and hopelessness.

The singer wrote a text on his profile Facebook in the name "of all Cubans who long for a free Cuba, without a regime, where the people can live without the overwhelming weight of hunger and oppression."

Yotuel, who in his youth studied at the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School, known as the Camilitos, recalled that members of the Army do not go through the same needs as the population, but that they still know the difficult reality that Cubans face daily, which has forced many to emigrate in search of a better future.

"It is at this crucial moment that I ask you, on behalf of all Cubans who long for freedom, that make a brave decision. Time is of the essence, and the opportunity to make a difference is in your hands. Help us build a Cuba where freedom is the flag that guides us, where we can live without fear or oppression"he asked.

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The former Orishas assured that while there are people who serve long sentences for minor crimes, the "real criminals still at large".

"Each of those imprisoned Cubans could have been a neighbor, a friend, or even a relative of yours. Injustice and inequality hit us all, without distinction," he told the soldiers.

"We long for a better future for ourselves and future generations. Your support and commitment to the cause of freedom will be remembered forever. in the history of Cuba. "Reflect on these words and act accordingly," he demanded.

This week, a official Facebook profile denied the alleged arrest of Leopoldo Cintra Frías, General of the Army Corps and former minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), who was rumored to have been detained by State Security.

With the words "LIES" and "FAKE NEWS" superimposed on the information disseminated on networks, and without mentioning the name of the retired soldier, "Havana Noticias" used terms such as "cognitive war", "information manipulation", "destabilizing an enemy" and "emotional manipulation" to justify the dissemination of such information.

In January of this year, the Cuban Movement of Military Conscientious Objectors (MOC), made up of former officers of the Armed Forces (FAR) and the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), He asked the FAR to protect the population with their weapons if necessary.

"There is the possibility of a new dawn for our country or the beginning of an even darker stage than the ones we have known until today," they said then.

The MOC defined the island's rulers as a "totalitarian dictatorship (...) a mafia-like, parasitic and irresponsible oligarchy that only defends its interests."

A few days earlier, six former high-ranking regime officials living in exile published a open letter calling on his former colleagues in the Army to dismantle the dictatorship.

"The essential change to promote and defend is towards a multiparty democracy that structurally reforms the economy and the State. The people must recover their sovereignty to build the prosperous society they deserve," they expressed.

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