Maluma shows his daughter Paris's luxurious stroller: It costs 5 thousand dollars and is the same as that of Yailin, Marc Anthony and Cazzu

Maluma has the same stroller for his daughter as Yailin, Marc Anthony or Paris Hilton: This is the luxurious accessory worth almost 5 thousand dollars

Maluma y su novia, Susana Gómez, con su bebé © Instagram / Maluma
Maluma and his girlfriend, Susana Gómez, with their baby Photo © Instagram / Maluma

Maluma is going through the sweetest chapter of his life due to the arrival of his daughter Paris, fruit of his love with Susana Gómez. It's barely been two weeks since the baby came into the world, but the Colombian singer is clear: being a dad is the best thing that has happened to him in his life.

The interpreter of "Happy the Four" has witnessed his first fifteen days as a dad through Instagram by sharing an intimate and personal album in which we see him enjoying his fatherhood.

Among the photos that the Colombian singer uploaded, he included a family snapshot in which we can see the couple with their baby's stroller, which is none other than theof the exclusive Dior brand, which is valued at about 5 thousand dollars. An essential accessory for every mom and dad that we have seen on other personalities in the world of entertainment.

Instagram Capture / Maluma

And this baby stroller from the Dior brand is the one chosen by VIP parents.

Instagram screenshot

Nadia Ferreira y Marc Anthony They chose the same model for their son Marco, just likeCazzu and Christian Nodal, who we saw with the same stroller walking their daughter Inti.

Instagram screenshot

But in addition to these two celebrity couples who have recently become parents, otherscelebrities asParis Hilton, Yailin La Más Viral, Khloé Kardashian or Cardi B They also opted for this luxurious and exclusive stroller when they became mothers.

The stroller with which Maluma and Susana Gómez appear in the photo shared by the singer on Instagram costs $4,900.

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