The number of detainees due to the recent days of protests in Cuba increases to 41

The largest number of detainees is in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Protestas en Santiago de Cuba © Yosmany Mayeta Labrada / Facebook y Rompiendo Cadenas
Protests in Santiago de Cuba Photo © Yosmany Mayeta Labrada / Facebook and Breaking Chains

At least 41 people have been arrested in Cuba for demonstrating between March 17 and 18, the organization denounced Prisoners Defenders (PS), on their social networks.

A count by the institution published in X confirms that, almost two weeks after the demonstrations, the figure rises to 41 verified detainees, including 20 new political prisoners, 15 detainees in the process of being verified as new prisoners and six people released.

A table shared in the publication denotes that Santiago de Cuba is where the largest number of detainees are grouped, as is logical since it is this city the epicenter of the protests between March 17 and 18.

Those from Santiago have accumulated a total of 12 detainees and two released. Granma and Guantánamo follow, with one prisoner and one released, each. The list continues with several provinces until 11 Cuban territories are represented.

In recent days, PD had warned that the number of arrests after the latest protests could be higher because many victims do not report, highlighting this fact when “they are given a fine or a home precautionary measure”, so their estimate is around one hundred people detained.

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