Boat with 14 Cuban rafters lands in Florida

The rafters could be deported to the island.

Balsa encontrada en Florida © X/Samuel Briggs II @USBPChiefMIP
Raft found in Florida Foto © X/Samuel Briggs II @USBPChiefMIP

At least14 Cuban migrants made landfall on Thursday morning in the Florida Keys aboard a rustic boat, reported the head of the Border Patrol in the Miami Sector, Samuel Briggs II.

The official said the migrants arrived in Tavernier, near Key West and Islamorada, earlier today. According to the image published on his X account, it was a rustic metal boat with a sack sail.

“U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Miami Sector, along with partner agencies, responded to a migrant disembarkation in the Florida Keys.14 Cuban migrants "They were taken into federal custody after arriving on a rustic boat," he said.

The rafters could berepatriated to Cuba in the coming days, as has happened with the migrants who have arrived on American lands by sea in recent months.

This did not previously happen with migrants who landed in the United States, who were processed and finally admitted to the country. Now they are subjected to severe credible fear interviews and deported.

In an interview withCyberCuba, lawyerWilly Allen, an immigration expert, said that the US government has increased the rigor of credible fear interviews for those who areintercepted on rafts trying to make landfall.

He explained that the United States Government "does not want to have a massive success in arrivals by sea" and this happens, he added, because they "study history" and do not forget that Jimmy Carter lost his re-election in 1980, against Ronald Reagan, in part, "because he allowed Mariel" and this "created a very big problem for him."

Also to Bill Clinton, who was governor of Arkansas at the time. That explains what he did later with the rafters. "He didn't receive them. He sent them to pick them up and sent them to Panama and Guantánamo."

Despite this situation, rafter trips do not stop. Last March the largest cruise ship in the world, the 'Icon of the Seas', rescued 14 Cubans on the high seas and took them to Honduras.

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