César Évora confesses if he has a hair implant and the secrets to looking good at 64 years old

“I don't live in a cloud, far from it,” said the actor.

Cesar Évora Photo © Facebook/Maribel Guardia

The popular Cuban actor César Évora revealed, with laughter, his secrets to looking good to the64 years.

Questioned about some aspects of his life by "El Gordo y la Flaca", fromUnivision, the charismatic actor even confessed that he had a hair implant many years ago in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

"I put it on many years ago, otherwise it would be like the back of my hand. I had a great time, I didn't have any contraindications, I was going to have surgery in Guadalajara, I got up early that day, they operated on me for 7 or 8 hours, I returned to the airport, I arrived in Mexico and I returned home in my car, I didn't even stop smoking then," he said.

He defended this aesthetic procedure stating that "it is your hair, it is your hair follicle, it grows, it is your hair, I was going to think that I was going to lose my hair over the years, but well it is because of the inheritance we have from our maternal grandfather. My son also had it done and it turned out great," he commented.

The actor, who considers himself an ordinary person, said he tries to makea normal life and that keeps him healthy.

"I look in the mirror and tell myself, wow, you turned 64. I feel very healthy, I don't complain about anything, I'm a fighter," said the actor, who had his birthday last November.

About his routine he said that "I get up early, I do all my things, I live my life like any other person. I don't live in a cloud by any means, I work and working on television doesn't put me in another dimension, I go to the supermarket, I always ask my wife what we need for the house and I'm happy to go look for it," he explained.

César Évora premiered several soap operas last year, includingUnivision, "Forgive us our sins." It was also announced that he was part of the cast of "Mines of Passion" along with the Cuban actress Livia Brito.

At 64 years old, the Cuban actor continues to be one of the most recognized artists on Mexican television.

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