Camila Guiribitey dedicates an emotional birthday greeting to her mother, Mamilover

The mother reacted with an equally loving message.

Camila Guiribitey A few hours ago he shared a beautiful birthday greeting to his mother, Taty, known on social media asThe Mamilover.

With a video that compiles beautiful moments spent together, Camila celebrated the new return to the sun of her mother, whom she classified as her best friend.

"Before this day is over I couldn't stop uploading this video to congratulate my best friend La Mamilover, yes she is my mother but she is my best friend, who is more hurt by my things than by myself (and how do I understand her now that I'm a mother), the one who doesn't fall asleep until I get home (let's remember that I'm married and I'm in my TA') the one who follows all my inventions and turns my dreams into hers," she said in the shared post a few hours ago and which closed with "I love you mom" and the desire to continue "celebrating the entire month."

In the comments, along with dozens of messages of good wishes, one reads that of the birthday girl herself who reciprocated her daughter's congratulations with equally loving words.

"My beautiful love, thank you for such a nice post, thank you for being my daughter, thank you for being the daughter that you are," she told him.

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On her social networks, Taty showed part of the celebration, overcooked, for her birthday, which was attended by well-known showbiz faces such as Annaby Pozo.

CurrentlyCamila is pregnant with her second daughter. The first, Aurora, was born in April 2023 as a result of a surrogacy.

The sex of Pippa's little sister - as the firstborn is affectionately called - was discovered by Camila and her partner Juan Carlos Izquierdo with a spectaculargender reveal on the screens in Times Square.

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