Raphy Pina's children are preparing to leave prison with a spectacular Porsche: "Their toys have already started to arrive"

Natti Natasha's fiancé is expected to be released from prison in the coming months.

The family of Raphy Pina He is counting the days until the Puerto Rican producer is released from prison, which is expected to be in the coming months.

Anticipating that long-awaited moment, The eldest children of Natti Natasha's fiancé bought him a spectacular car to receive him with a big surprise. Is about a yellow and black Porsche GT3 RS that the teenagers showed on their father's social networks.

In the video, Mía, Rafael (Monty) and Antonio (Chingui) show the luxurious car that awaits the Puerto Rican businessman when he is released. "Well this tells us that dad is coming to the track. Your toys have already started to arrive! He doesn't know, but he finds out right now! What name will you give it? Monty, mine and I put Tweeterazzi on it," they commented at the bottom of the publication.

In addition to his three oldest children, Raphy Pina is the father with Natti Natasha of a girl named Vida Isabelle who will turn 3 years old in May.

The Dominican reggaeton singer commented in a recent interview that her partner will leave in the middle of this year.

This video posted by his older children only shows that his release from prison is getting closer every day.

Raphy Pina is serving a 41-month prison sentence for illegal possession of weapons since May 2022.

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