Iraisel reveals that he was robbed in his clothing store in Havana

The young woman answered a follower's question about the robbery that occurred in her store.

Irasiel en su tienda de Cuba © Iraisel / Instagram
Irasiel in his store in Cuba Photo © Iraisel / Instagram

The Cuban influencer Iraisel Pintueles, widow of the deceased urban singer The Damage, has asked a round of questions on her Instagram account to answer some of the unknowns that her followers have about her.

One of the questions left by a follower was related to the temporary closure of his clothing store in Havana called Zeraus. According to the young woman, the cessation of the business occurred due to a robbery that occurred on the premises and that occurred in December 2023.

"Are you ever going to tell why Zeraus (your store) was closed?", could be read in the question box. Irasiel wanted to settle the issue and clarify everything that happened in front of his admirers.

"Unfortunately, in December the store was the victim of a nasty robbery. It's something I don't like to talk about because it was a very sad and ugly moment. We hope that one day they will be able to find the thieves. The material is recovered, "But unscrupulous people who trample on other people's work and find it easier to steal and in some cases resort to violence, should be behind bars.", explained the influencer.

Iraisel / Instagram

The store that Iraisel owns in Havana is dedicated to the world of fashion. There it sells both women's clothing and accessories that follow the latest trends.

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