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Egg carton sells for 3,300 pesos in Cuba

It can also be seen that a small package of coffee sells for 140 pesos.

Eggs in Cuba Photo © X/Ed but not Sheeran

Inflation in Cuba keeps the country's population in daily suffocation, who must pay more than the minimum wage for a carton of 30 eggs.

A Facebook post image shows food products for sale and you can see that the price of a carton is 3,300 Cuban pesos (CUP), while a loose egg costs 120 pesos.

It can also be seen that a small package of coffee sells for 140 pesos.

A few weeks ago, lawyer Manuel Viera denounced on his social networks the excessive price that a carton of eggs has reached in Havana, reaching up to3,500 Cuban pesos in some areas of the capital, well above the minimum wage received by a worker on the island (2,100 CUP, equivalent to 8.92 US dollars and 8.68 euros).

The price of eggs has been rising in recent months. In February 30 eggs cost2,700 pesos.

“These prices are inaccessible… There is nonothing for the population; However, MSMEs have everything. The MSMEs are, who? The State, who represses us,” said Luis Sosa Aragón, a Cuban who agreed to talk about his vulnerability, evidenced in the exclusionary policies implemented by the island's government.

Theinterannual inflation in the formal market of Cuba It stood at 33.17% in March, an increase compared to the 32.08% registered in February.

The National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI) of Cuba reported that in the third month of the year the largest interannual increase by category was experienced by Transportation, with an increase of 47.95%. That month the Cuban government increased the price of fuel by 400%.

They were followed by the Restaurants and hotels sectors with 41.01%, Food and non-alcoholic beverages with 36.80%, and Miscellaneous goods and services with 23.66%.

In general, all categories experienced year-on-year increases, most of them with double-digit rates, the state entity detailed.

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