Osmani García on the Cuban regime: "The biggest pirates and slavers in history"

His statements were accompanied by a short video on the social network Instagram.

Asamblea Nacional de Cuba (i) y Osmani García (d) © X / Asamblea Nacional de Cuba e Instagram / Osmani García
National Assembly of Cuba (i) and Osmani García (d) Photo © X / National Assembly of Cuba and Instagram / Osmani García

In a recent publication through his profile Instagram, the Cuban singer Osmani Garcia expressed his concern about the political and social situation in Cuba.

In a post accompanied by a video, García reflects on the challenges facing the island, making a strong criticism of the Cuban government.

The reggaeton singer shared his thoughts in a post titled "Cuba 65 years in prison", alluding to the years that have passed since the establishment of the current government system. In the publication, García addresses issues of freedom and social justice, evoking the impact of the government on Cuban culture.

His message not only seeks to inform, but also inspire a constructive conversation about the future of Cuba.

This is not the first moment in which García speaks out on political issues. His activism on social networks has been a constant, especially during significant events such as the protests of the July 11, 2021, where thousands of Cubans expressed their desire for political reforms and social improvements.

Also, when the announced demonstrations of November 15 of the same year, the interpreter of the popular song “The taxi”He spoke out, stating that the regime was desperate for having lost control of Cuba.

Last year, during the World Baseball Classic, he also addressed the ruler, whom he blamed for never making winning decisions because of the mediocrity he represents.

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