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Family searches for Cuban who disappeared more than two weeks ago

Felipe Mir has been missing for about 17 days, when he left Havana for a trip to Holguín.

Felipe Mir © Facebook/Desaparecidos dentro de Cuba. Somos tu voz
Felipe Mir Photo © Facebook/Disappeared inside Cuba. We are your voice

A Cuban identified by the name ofFelipe Mir it's foundmissing for more than two weeks, when he left Havana on a trip to Holguín, but nothing more was heard about him.

His relatives are asking for help from anyone who can provide them with information that will allow them to find the whereabouts of the man, of whom they have not had news for 17 days, as reported this Sunday by Niover Licea on their social networks.

“The family is completely immersed in anguish and is desperate,” Licea said in apublication on Instagram, in which he transmitted the urgent request made by those close to Mir.

This and other publications that have reported Mir's disappearance have not offered more details about his identity and what he was wearing at the time he was last seen.

Capture of Facebook/Disappeared inside Cuba. We are your voice

Theescalation of violence and crime in Cuba It is a cause of constant concern for the inhabitants of the country, and in particular for those who have family membersmissing, given the lack of action by the police to find people whose whereabouts are unknown.

With alarming frequency, notices of disappearances of Cubans appear on social networks, published by relatives and close people due to the lack of an official State channel to make these cases visible.

Two of the events that have shocked citizens and kept relatives in suspense are those of the young motherKarildi Marín, disappeared on December 14 in Havana, and thethree-year-old girl Lali Paola Moliner, who has not been heard from since February 25, when she was last seen with her mother,Teresa Moliner Baso.

One day after the disappearance of mother and daughter,Teresa, 24, was found dead with signs of violence near the coast in Cojímar, east of the capital, but there was no trace of the girl. The event shocked thousands of people, concerned about the insecurity in Cuban streets and who are calling for effective and responsible action by the authorities.

In the last two weeks, the disappearances ofa 15-year-old teenager in Las Tunas, a lady with a mental disability in Santiago de Cuba anda man also with psychiatric disorders in that same city.

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