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The Taiger gives a spectacular Audi to his daughter in Cuba

The reggaeton singer wanted to ensure the comfort of his daughter, who lives in Cuba.

HeCuban urban music singer El Taiger he gave his daughterYaliet Carvajal, who lives in Cuba,a beautiful car from the Audi brand.

The girl, who is barely 10 years old, will be able to enjoy this spectacular white model on the island, which has all the amenities and comfort that this high-end automobile company offers.

The reggaeton artist uploaded a video to his Instagram profile in which you can see the Audi in detail, as well as the license plate that confirms that the car is registered in Cuba.

"Scrub it and park it, although my daughter is not old enough to drive, she is old enough to know that there is nothing greater in this world than her. This is my gift", El Taiger commented next to the post.

Although José Manuel Carbajal Zaldívar, the popular reggaeton singer's real name, resides in Miami most of his time, he has always looked for a place to spend time with his children.

In addition to Yaliet, the urban singer is the father of a girl named Sofía Karim and a boy, Lucas Mateo, whom we have also been able to meet thanks to the images that the artist shares of them from time to time on his social networks.

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