Cuban asks for justice after her brother's attacker was released

The aggressor is on the street awaiting trial, denounces the victim's family.

Young man attacked Photo © Facebook/Omi Lefun

A Cuban woman from the Artemisa province reported that her brother's attacker, brutally injured during what appears to have been an assault, is free.

In a publication in Facebook Internet user Omi Lefun asks for justice and affirms that the alleged aggressor, who inflicted a major wound on her brother's neck, is "free awaiting trial on the street."

She explains that the trial "can take one to two years," which she does not consider fair, because "I have seen cases where just by taking a cube of cement from the factory they have taken it straight to the Tocororo" (local prison). .

"It's not fair, that man should be in prison. But I don't lose faith that my God, who is powerful, will make people pay," he emphasizes.

Publication in Facebook

The victim received several stitches in a vertical wound measuring several inches from the top of his ear to the base of his neck, and continues to recover, according to the report.

The Internet user also published images of the alleged aggressor.

Complaints from relatives of the victims of violence in Cuba They have become frequent on social networks, after many cases went unpunished.

In March Ana Luisa Fernández, the mother of the young Cuban-American who was murdered in Mayabeque in January to rob him, requested the death penalty for those who killed her son and criticized the insecurity that exists in the country.

"I don't know how long we can continue with what is happening, it is very sad that we cannot have peace of mind, my son was murdered and that is why I believe that all of us together have to ask for the death penalty for those cases," he said.

Likewise, a Cuban mother asked on social networks for justice for the murder of her 17-year-old son on January 6 at a public party in Havana.

"Here is the man who stole my life 17 year old boy on Saturday, January 6, around two in the morning, at a public party in Old Havana, Belén neighborhood, where my child was born," wrote the mother, identified on Facebook as Yoli Omo Obbatala.

This Tuesday also a mother from Santiago asked justice for your son, murdered last March during an argument.

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