Memes rain after May Day parade in Cuba

The May Day celebrations in Cuba leave a flood of memes on social networks.

Memes ridiculizan la celebración del Primero de Mayo en Cuba. © Collage X / @YoanMichelRodr8 y @GladiadorMemes
Memes ridicule the May Day celebration in Cuba. Photo © Collage X / @YoanMichelRodr8 and @GladiadorMemes

The parade through First of May In Cuba he has left a shower of friendly and witty memes on social media this Wednesday.

As a result of this celebration, several users have highlighted ridiculous aspects of the parades, linking them with the economic situation current of the country.

The situation, a Facebook page that traditionally ridicules the regime through humor, on this occasion was inspired by the image of a couple who paraded dressed as wedding couples.

On social network Cardin.And published a hilarious video depicting Cubans parading as if they were a flock of obedient sheep.

Similar point of view gave the account Meme Gladiator, on social network X, but with a suggestive message: “Cuba... The Country where a group of Sheep parade following a Donkey.”

The profile itself Meme Gladiator, alluding to the Cuban crisis, published another meme showing the sad reality that awaits people when they return home: empty refrigerators.

A gagged people, hungry and without the slightest possibility of freedom of expression, was the subject of an image published by a user who responds to the name yo, on the social network X.

For his part, the influencer Edmundo Dantes Junior, on Facebook, alluded to the current energy crisis that affects Cubans, and satirically represented what would happen once the May Day parade was over.

“The communists after shouting in the square, arriving home without power and seeing the refrigerator empty,” wrote a person named San on the social network X. In the image you can see someone who regrets supporting the regime.

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