Demolition of property linked to Osama Bin Laden begins in Florida

A mansion in Florida linked to the Bin Laden family begins its demolition, making way for new commercial and residential developments.

Mansión vinculada a Osama Bin Laden, en el estado de Florida. © Captura de video / WESH
Mansion linked to Osama Bin Laden, in the state of Florida. Photo © Video Capture / WESH

A house built in the 1920s and abandoned after the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 in the United States, which was owned by a relative of Osama Bin Laden, is being demolished in the state of Florida.

The mansion is located off West Colonial Drive, in Oakland, Orange County, and was purchased by one of Bin Laden's more than 50 brothers in the 1980s, reported last April. WESH, a television channel affiliated with NBC.

A young woman named Tara, who asked to keep her last name anonymous, told the television station that while she was walking by the nearby lake, she heard a noise and saw a crane, realizing that it was They were finally going to demolish the building.

According to WESH, this woman has lived across the lake from this mansion since she was born: “I've seen it abandoned, I've seen it when there were people living in it, I've seen it when it was a wedding venue,” said the interviewee.

He knew the mansion while it was the home of Khalil Bin Laden and his family, also pointed out that his mother saw the residents of the house leave the property shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

“It was when the Bin Ladens were evacuated from the house that he found out that he grew up knowing Osama's family,” Tara said.

On September 19, 2001, Khalil Bin Laden and his family were escorted to the airport to fly and join other members of his family to go to Saudi Arabia, he said. WESH.

Since then, the property has had other owners, including one who in 2019 hoped to sell part of the land to a real estate developer.

According to county records, The last time it was sold was in 2021, on that occasion to a Limited Liability Company, LLC for its acronym in English, pointed out WESH.

The same business organization presented a notice last January according to which they would make “improvements” to the property, including demolition and removal of residential building structures.

The total collapse of the property will take weeks, the television station noted, citing Kerry Bazinet, of Rock and Roll Demolition, the company in charge of dismantling the building.

For his part, Frank Herring, director of the Cornerstone Group, which owns the LLC that owns the property, assured that they have a plan for the space that has not yet been formally presented to the city of Oakland.

He pointed out that it would include some commercial spaces along the West Colonial side of the land, some multifamily housing, and a few preserved acres along the lake shore.

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