The cast triumphs! Charly and Johayron, Oniel Bebeshito and more Cuban artists awarded by the RIAA

The cast triumphs! The RIAA recognizes Cuban artists with platinum and gold awards

Oniel Bebeshito, Charly & Johayron © Instagram / Oniel Bebeshito, Charly & Johayron
Oniel Bebeshito, Charly & Johayron Foto © Instagram / Oniel Bebeshito, Charly & Johayron

Great news for the Cuban cast! The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has recognized Cuban artists in recent days Oniel Bebeshito, Charly & Johayron, y Fixty Ordara y Ja Rulay, and others with platinum and gold records, which certify their success in the American market.

As shown on the official RIAA website, several Cuban musical hits have recently been recognized with platinum and gold seals.

"Imagine with me", "Hacha" and "Manguera" are the songs by Oniel Bebeshito that were awarded.

Captured by RIAA

"Roller coaster", "My liar", "My favorite place", "Cupido" and "Funimate", are the songs of the duo Charly and Johayron They were recognized by the RIAA.

Captured by RIAA

Other Cuban singers who are on the list are Fixty Order, And Rulay, Wampi, Wow Popy, Lenier, The Chulo, L Chemical They are also on the list, as we show below:

Captured by RIAA

It is undeniable that the cast is gaining popularity outside Cuba internationally thanks to songs of the Cuban genre like those that appear on this list. Congratulations to all!

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