Hope for Yeiko: The macheted dog in Sancti Spiritus is successfully recovering

Thanks to the work of animal protectors in Sancti Spiritus and Yeiko's family, the story of this dog will have a happy ending.

El perro Yeiko se recupera. © Collage captura Facebook / Fundación ARCA Sancti Spiritus
The dog Yeiko is recovering.Photo © Collage captured from Facebook / ARCA Sancti Spiritus Foundation

After a group of animal protectors recently rescued Yeiko, a dog attacked with a machete by a man in Sancti Spíritus, the dog shows signs of a successful recovery.

The ARCA Sancti Spíritus Foundation posted on Facebook this Saturday some images showing the canine receiving care and recovering.

Facebook screenshot / ARCA Sancti Spiritus Foundation

"It's incredible how much Yeiko has improved; the wound is practically healed, and he behaves very obediently every time they treat him," the organization pointed out, continuing the story of this dog who was a victim of a violent and cruel act.

"Go Yeiko, you can do it, you are reaching the finish line," ARCA pointed out, while sharing images of the dog with its owner, who found him after the animal was rescued and underwent surgery.

Last Thursday, the organization also informed on Facebook that the dog had received a bath: "There was no way he would pose for a better photo, apparently he didn't like it much," they pointed out.

Facebook screenshot / ARCA Sancti Spiritus Foundation

In the photo, it can be seen that the dog has the wound uncovered, but is very healthy and active.

On May 20, the ARCA Sancti Spíritus Foundation became aware of a violent incident in which a man attacked a dog with a machete.

"When everyone was asleep, our foundation suffered alongside the medical team that was tirelessly fighting to save Yeiko's life," they pointed out on Facebook, also denouncing the horrendous crime.

Facebook screenshot / ARCA Sancti Spiritus Foundation

As a result of the violence, the dog received over 50 stitches during the surgical intervention due to the severe injuries on his head, including an exposed eye that he ultimately lost, and a fractured jaw.

But thanks to the work of animal protectors and Yeiko's family, this dog's story will have a happy ending.

However, there are animals that are currently disappearing in Cuba, affected by the worst economic crisis in decades, and are never found again.

Recently, the animal protector identified on social media as Miriela Ramos López warned that in some areas of Havana, cats have disappeared, hinting that they may have been eaten.

Facebook screenshot / Mariela Ramos López

"I want to raise an alert, two days ago in Playa, in the area near La Puntilla store, a cat has gone missing, neither a stray nor a family one," underscored in the Facebook group "Sociedad Protectora de Animales en Cuba."

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