A Cuban woman reunites on the island with her mother and daughters after nearly two years apart.

You don't know, my dear, how much I waited for this moment.

A Cuban woman had an emotional reunion with her family on the island, after almost two years of being apart.

In a first video shared on TikTok, you can see the moment when the young woman (@lisettgonzalez51 on the platform) meets her mother at the airport. Tears and hugs marked this touching encounter, which quickly went viral in the Cuban community.

Later, the mother shared two additional videos documenting the moments when she reunited with her daughters.

In the second video, he is seen hugging his oldest daughter.

After almost 2 years, I can finally hug you... You don't know, my girl, how much I waited for this moment. Mommy loves you," she wrote alongside the heart-wrenching moment, where the distraught girl can finally embrace her mom.

The third video shows the moment when she surprised her other daughter at school. Upon seeing her, the girl runs towards her mother, who wrote in the post: "My little one, how much I wanted to hug you, mommy."

This reunion, full of joy and emotion, resonated with many users who shared and commented on the post, expressing their happiness for the reunited family.

"My God, and I have only a few days left to be able to hug my children like that, and how hard it is to say goodbye to them again"; "What joy, my God, what happiness, blessings, that moment is unique"; "Every time I watch one of these videos, many blessings to now enjoy that happiness"; "My God, hugging a mother is the greatest thing in the world"; "God willing, I can hug mine soon"; "I can't stop crying, my God, give us that opportunity to hug our children," reads among the reactions to the emotional videos.

Moments like these not only capture personal experiences, but also reflect the experience of many Cuban families who, due to various circumstances, are forced to be separated for long periods.

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