Yulién Oviedo claims that Seidy La Niña has tried to make him fall in love: "She is a really hot girl"

The singer said in an interview that Seidy was sending him private messages and he had to leave her on read several times.

Yulién Oviedo made public something that no one expected, according to the singer Seidy La Niña has tried to make him fall in love, but he has not succumbed to her charms.

The topic came up during an interview of the artist for the program "Destino Tolk" that has sparked a lot of discussion on social media.

To prove that he was telling the truth, Yulién showed his phone with the messages that Seidy sent to Destino Positivo and Fernan, the hosts of the show.

"What's up with Seidy La Niña, she is a really hot girl, because she falls in love in a strange way, she falls in love with people who are kind of weird," Yulién began saying.

When asked if Seidy had tried to make him fall in love, the singer's response was surprising in every way: "My brother writes to me in the DM, saying weird things, I have left her on read several times because my brother, I am married."

Even though the messages were not shown on camera, the reaction of the hosts was more than enough to confirm Yulién's words.

When it comes to Seidy, she wasn't going to sit back and do nothing, and in a comment on Instagram, she wrote: "Destino, now I'm not going to stay silent about these false accusations. In fact, I'm so angry that I'll be the one to show the chat."

Instagram screenshot / Tolk destination

However, she added a smiling emoji to her comment, indicating that this situation, which has become publicly known, does not bother her at all.

Yulién's interview was quite heated as he also took aim at Bebeshito, whom he told to gargle with salt and lemon water: "Let's see if someday you can sing like me."

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