Hot debate on social media about "living in Miami": Five reasons for Cuban discontent

Debate among Cubans about whether Miami is a good place to live: some criticize its conflictive environment, while others defend its opportunities and quality of life. What do you think?

In recent days, there has been an intense debate on social media about what it's like to live in Miami today, and the topic is of particular interest to the Cuban community.

Two contrasting perspectives stand out. On one hand, there is the case of Elieser Estrada Rodríguez, a Cuban resident in Texas, who criticizes the attitude and behavior of his compatriots in Miami after watching viral videos of conflicts in the city.

Estrada points out that he has never witnessed such bad manners in Texas and concludes that he prefers to stay there. He describes Miami as an extension of Cuba, a frequent stage for vulgarity and mediocrity.

On the other hand, Dianela Rodríguez, a Cuban resident in Miami, refutes the growing trend on social media of criticizing the city and labeling it as a "difficult place to live and thrive" in the United States.

Rodríguez argues that Miami has provided many opportunities for entrepreneurs and considers it unfair to negatively portray the city's image.

Both points of view have generated intense discussion among Cubans. Here are some elements that are recurring, such as discontent with the city of the Sun at present.

Five reasons for Cuban dissatisfaction with living in Miami

  1. High cost of living: One of the main criticisms is the high cost of living in Miami, especially with the current inflation, making living in the city financially challenging for many.
  2. Perception of limited opportunities: Some Cubans feel that Miami does not offer enough opportunities for progress or success compared to other states where they could thrive more easily.
  3. Negative personal experiences: Negative personal experiences, such as lack of professional or personal success in Miami, lead some to believe that the city is a challenging environment to thrive in.
  4. Climate and living conditions: Despite many Cubans enjoying the weather in Miami, others prefer cooler temperatures and living conditions they consider more pleasant in other states.
  5. Income: The increasing inflation and high rental costs are a major concern, making life in Miami increasingly expensive and challenging to sustain for many families.

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