Laura Pausini will give a concert in Miami on July 26

The Italian is preparing one of her next presentations in Miami.

Concierto de Laura Pausini en Miami © CiberCuba
Laura Pausini concert in Miami Photo © CiberCuba

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The phenomenon Laura Pausini it doesn't stop After his brief but successful stay in Havana where he sang in the Ciudad Deportiva with the Cuban group Gente de Zona, the Italian singer continues with her agenda and focused on her 2018 Fatti Sentire tour that began on July 13 at the Pala Arrex in the Italian town of Jesolo.

Among the long list of cities that Pausini will visit during his tour are Brasilia, New York, Lima, Guatemala, Mexico City and Miami, where the announcement of his visit has begun to cause great excitement among the entire Latin community residing in the city. city.

On the occasion of the event, billboards throughout the city of Miami have begun to announce that on July 26 the artist will offer a concert at the James L. Knight Center, the famous convention center located in the area of the downtown.


The date, on the other hand, has not taken long to draw attention among the Cuban community of “The City of the Sun”, because, curiously, it coincides with the National Rebellion Day celebrated every year in Cuba in commemoration of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks that It took place in Santiago de Cuba on July 26, 1953.

Likewise, the day set for the show has joined the controversy that arose in recent days after Pausini's free performance in the Cuban capital, to which are also added the criticism that originated among the virtual community for appearing dressed with the Cuban flag and for his thanks to the current president of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel during the function.

However, after all the commotion, Pausini's work team wanted to make clear the artist's position and political inclination towards Cuba and to do so, They published a few words on the Italian's official Facebook profile in which they emphasized that “Laura does not sing to give a political message” and that “she does not want any controversy in her participation in Cuba because she sings for the people.”

Despite the debates and controversies, Pausini's concert in Miami is one of the events that is creating the most excitement today in the city of Florida and his followers have not been slow to purchase the tickets that are on sale for a price between 59 and 249 dollars.

To celebrate his 20 years of artistic career, in which he has conquered the world with his music, Pausini will raise his voice once again on July 26 in Miami to sing and give a magical night to his most faithful listeners.

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