Alibaba founder Jack Ma is a member of the Chinese Communist Party

The billionaire is one of the 100 Chinese whom the Party Central Committee plans to honor.

El multimillonario chino Jack Ma en una imagen de archivo © Kremlin / Archivo
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma in a file image Photo © Kremlin / Archive

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Online shopping giant Alibaba (BABA) founder and CEO Jack Ma has been identified as a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

As CNN explained, this information was provided by the official People's Daily of the Asian giant, which assured that this billionaire is one of the 100 Chinese that the Central Committee of the Party plans to honor.

Ma has a net worth of more than $30 billion and official recognition comes for his contributions "to China's economic transformation."

The appearance of this information comes amid increasing concerns about the control of the private sector in China by the communist formation.

A spokesperson for the company did not want to explain when the billionaire joined the party and defended that this fact has no influence on the business environment.

"The political affiliation of any executive has no bearing on the company's business decision-making process. We comply with all laws and regulations in the countries where we operate as we fulfill our mission of making it easier for people to do business anywhere. place of the digital age," he assured the aforementioned media.

The spokesperson also did not want to explain how much money Jack Ma paid to join the Communist Party.

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