Luis Alberto García criticizes the lowering of interest in the tornado in Havana when the victims need help

Luis Alberto García says that after the tornado in Havana "many people are still homeless and have to eat."

Luis Alberto García y unos vecinos de La Habana después del tornado. © Facebook / Luis Alberto García Novoa / CiberCuba
Luis Alberto García and some residents of Havana after the tornado. Photo © Facebook / Luis Alberto García Novoa / CiberCuba

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The popular Cuban actor Luis Alberto García Novoa has criticized the decrease in interest on social networks for those affected by the Havana tornado when many people need help.

"Is it my idea or has the intensity of the news related to the victims decreased," the actor asked himself on Facebook, where he added that "many people are still homeless and they have to eat."

"There is electricity, gas, water and telephony in record time (it is as true as a house, whoever likes it and whoever likes it) but many people are still homeless and have to eat. The networks are usually cheap and forgetful. They are the latest news to arrive," he wrote.

The Cuban artist insisted, however, that there are many people and organizations that will continue to help those affected, even though they are forgotten on the networks.

"Luckily there are many good people and organizations (from within, from outside, state and independent) that I know will not fail so many screwed up and sad people. There are wounds there that will take time to heal. And that's where we should be," said García.

Since last January 27, when the tornado devastated several neighborhoods of the capital of Cuba, citizens Cubans have turned to social networks to help those affected for that meteorological phenomenon.

Luis Alberto García asked on his Facebook profile that Cuban Customs will make its laws more flexible to allow the entry of donations and questioned the complaints of pro-government blogger Iroel Sánchez.

The interpreter of Cuban films like 'La departure' criticized the position of Miguel Díaz-Canel's government to celebrate the Torch March just one day after the catastrophe, as well as the refusal of the Regla authorities to the Camerata Romeu to allow aid to be brought to the neighbors of this neighborhood.

So far the official figures of material damage from the tornado in Havana amount to more than 7,400 homes affected.

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