The Cuban Human Rights Observatory condemns the situation of Cuban migrants on the border between Mexico and the United States.

The OCDH makes demands on the Government of Mexico and demands on the United States, while condemning "the abandonment" of responsibilities by the Cuban Government.

El pasado 31 de mayo 68 cubanos fueron deportados de México © Twitter/ @INAMI_mx
On May 31, 68 Cubans were deported from Mexico Photo © Twitter/ @INAMI_mx

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He Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) has sent to the editorial office of CyberCuba a Press Release in which it "condemns the abuses, extortions and extreme conditions of Cuban emigrants on the border between Mexico and the United States."

After alluding to the cases of beatings, extortion, poor nutrition and scams by false lawyers that Cuban migrants suffer in Mexican territory, the non-profit organization has demanded that the Mexican government "stop the mass deportations of Cuban emigrants, guarantees them acceptable living conditions and gives them residence and work authorizations.

The statement also condemns "the abandonment of responsibilities by the Cuban government," which does not protest against the abuses exercised against Cubans by the Mexican authorities and organized crime.

After holding the Government of the Island responsible for the massive emigration and demanding that the Mexican Government guarantee Cubans the same conditions that it demands for its nationals when they try to arrive in North American territory, the document also asks the United States to guarantee access to Cubans "to the political asylum application processes."

The situation of the Cuban migrants in Mexico is getting worse, not only because of the growing risk of deportations, which makes many hide, but also due to the increase in activity of gangs that kidnap them and that They are using criminal methods to ask relatives for money residents in the United States.

In the first quarter of 2019, an increase of 1061.53% in arrests of Cuban migrants stranded in Mexico was reported, compared to the same period in 2018.

Below we transcribe, in full, the Press Release of the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights on the migratory crisis of Cubans on the border between Mexico and the United States.

Hundreds of Cubans are victims of organized crime in Mexico, without the Government of that country being able to guarantee their safety. Among the complaints are cases of beatings, extortion, scams by false lawyers who operate on the border with total impunity, deportations and serious health and food situations.

"We demand that the Mexican government stop the mass deportations of Cuban emigrants, guarantee them acceptable living conditions and provide them with residence and work authorizations. Likewise, that it urgently exercise its authority to ensure the physical integrity of people stranded on the border" , stated Alejandro González Raga, executive director of the Observatory.

Likewise, González Raga condemned the abandonment of responsibilities by the Cuban government, which "is the only one in the region that never protests the abuses committed against its nationals on Mexican soil by the authorities and organized crime."

"Elimination of the Wet/Dry Foot Law and the worsening of the economic and social situation in Cuba have worsened the conditions of Cuban emigrants seeking to reach the United States. Currently, the exact numbers of deaths in the voyages through Central America are unknown, but the testimonies are alarming," González Raga added.

In this sense, the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights:

-Holds the Cuban government responsible for the massive emigration of thousands of Cubans, who prefer to expose themselves to danger rather than remain in the difficult and immobile reality of the island.

-Demands the Mexican government to guarantee Cubans the conditions that it demands for its nationals when they try to reach the United States and to respect and enforce the rights of Cuban emigrants trapped in its territory.

-Asks the United States government to guarantee access for Cuban emigrants to the political asylum application processes and evaluate all the possibilities at its disposal to improve the situation of these people.

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