Silence in the Cuban official press regarding Rigondeaux's victory

The island's news media did not mention this Thursday's sporting event.

Guillermo Rigondeaux, púgil cubano © Flickr / stoyan vassev
Guillermo Rigondeaux, Cuban boxer Photo © Flickr / stoyan vassev

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The Cuban official press silenced the triumph ofGuillermo Rigondeaux in the bantamweight category of the World Boxing Association.

The island's news media did not mentionthis Thursday's sporting event, when the 39-year-old Cuban became the oldest boxer to have won a world title in the 118-pound division.

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The portalJIT He did not mention the event and preferred to provide news coverage of other sporting events. If you do a search within the site, you can find only one article from 2016 that includes his name in a list of Cuban boxers who participated in the 2004 Olympic Games.

Not even in his native Santiago de Cuba did the news reach headlines in the local media. Santiago television on its website does not talk about the news and does not even record news events from Rigondeaux's past in its archives. A quick search within the site reveals that his last name does not match, it is as if he does not exist.

Television screenshot from Santiago de Cuba

The Sierra Maestra newspaper did not echo the news either. A national chess championship and other sporting events make headlines, but Rigondeaux is conspicuous by its absence.

Even so, the boxer's success came to the island thanks to alternative means and far from the officialdom.

“With the fact that they give greater access to the internet and social networks and other sources of information, many people find out,” Cuban independent reporter Rudy Cabrera Arcia toldRadio Television Martí.

In Cojímar, Eric Romeo found out from the article published on the El Nuevo Herald website by sports writer Jorge Ebro. “I saw that he won, and that the vote was divided,” Romeo told Martínez Sixto from Havana. reviewed the web portal of that radio station.

Although Rigondeaux was booed by the fans for his slow pace, and for not wanting to take risks in the fight, retreating and leaving the danger zone, in the seventh round he managed with an uppercut and two left hooks that led to his opponent They will apply a protection count; In the tenth, he delivered a straight left to the Venezuelan's chin that made him stagger again. Finally, the Cuban landed 73 of 475 blows and his opponent only 59 of 490.

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