Cuban opposition leader arrested while taking medicine to people in need

“Tell me, eh, why, why?” is the last thing the young woman is heard saying before the repressors cut off the recording.

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The Cuban oppositionDiasniurka Salcedo Verdecia wasviolently arrested this Friday by the Police, when he was preparing to deliver some medicines to people who live in extreme poverty.

Salcedo Verdecia was able to record the exact moment in which a PNR patrol suddenly stops, blocking her path, and immediately three agents (a woman in uniform and two men in civilian clothes) get out and rush at her.

The young woman was broadcasting her journey live on her Facebook account, in a recording of just over eight minutes in which she explained hersolidarity projects to help people in need in the Alquízar municipality, in Artemisa, Where he lives.

“Tell me, eh, why, why?” is the last thing he is heard saying before the repressors cut off the recording.

As explained in the video, the opponent was going to deliver some medicines and receive others. While walking, he revealed that the day before he had given the medications that were sent to him for a child with heart disease, with strengthening problems in the lungs and low defenses.

He also reported that thanks to the collaboration of Cubans in exile, the website of the March 13 organization and religious people living in Cuba, he was able to raise 1,500 pesos for an elderly man who had been fined, to whom he also took food and items. Toilet.

“He was unfairly fined 1,500 pesos; he had no way to pay that amount in 10 business days. He is an elderly person, who in addition to that is working without power, because he has physical limitations and extreme poverty, and he has nothing to eat. Today yes, because thanks to you I was able to bring him food and a lot of nonsense that solves the situation for a few days," he explained.

Salcedo Verdecia announced a new project in which she is involved: cooking at home for people without resources, “and who are critical cases for me and in the eyes of the world, being able to bring them a box of food daily.”

“So, I need you to support me to the extent possible, so that I can alleviate the hunger of those people who need it so much. I am going to direct this project with other people from exile who are collaborating, for which I thank them,” he expressed.

“It would be very good for each of you to join, so that at least these people in critical condition can eat a little and thus change their lives,” he demanded.

Saying that, a small van arrived at the scene that was supposed to pick up the medications that the activist was carrying, and in turn deliver others to her. But just at that moment the police car showed up and cut off the girl.

Diasniurka Salcedo Verdecia usually denounces on her social networks the harsh reality in which many Cubans live, in order to define who needs the help that emigrants send from abroad, share it with those people and prioritize the most complex cases.

At the end of Augustshared the situation of several families with children who subsist in deplorable conditions in his native Alquízar. In one of the homes he visited there lived a mother of three children, one of whom suffers from epilepsy and whose medication has been missing for three months. They had no sheets on the beds, no furniture, and no water service.

This opponent is the mother of a child who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As a mother concerned about the worsening of the coronavirus pandemic, before starting the course she wrote a message addressed to the Minister of Education, Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, in which she assured thatyou would not send your child to school to avoid possible contagion.

“I'm not going to send him to school because I'm not going to expose him for anyone's bad decision. “I consider that the decision to restart the school year is totally crazy and again bad behavior taken by the leaders,” he explained.

“First they closed the course and we didn't have even half of the cases we have today. Second, where are you going to get the robots that will guarantee the cleaning of chairs, tables and so on every three hours, if parents are already being told at parent meetings that each child must guarantee their gel and chlorine to disinfect your hands,” he questioned.

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