State security threatens exiled Cuban activist

Through the well-known troll Guerrero Cubano, the repressors of the totalitarian regime sent a message that threatens the physical integrity and life of a peaceful Cuban civil society activist whom they fear for his visibility.

The State Security (SE) of the Cuban regime threatened the activist Magdiel Jorge Castro, exiled in Spain, whom he warned that that country is “small” and assured him that he was going to pay for his activism “because there is nowhere to hide.”

Through the known troll Cuban Warrior, the repressors of the totalitarian regime sent a message that threatens the physical integrity and life of a peaceful activist of the Cuban civil society whom the SE fears due to its visibility on social networks.

It is not the first time that the sycophants of the Cuban dictatorship attack Magdiel, an activist for democracy and human rights in Cuba, who was coordinator of the platform Archipelago and one of the promoters of the Civic March for Change of 15N.

A biologist by training and one of the tweeters with the greatest reach on Cuban social networks, Magdiel is also a member of the CyberCuba and resides in Spain after having lived in Uruguay and Bolivia, from where he was expelled due to pressure from the SE in collusion with the authorities of that country under the control of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), an ally of Havana.

Recognized for his clarity in denouncing the Cuban dictatorship, as well as for the lucidity of his arguments and the polite frontality with which he uses them, Magdiel is also a fighter for the rights of the community. LGTBI in Cuba, to which he proudly belongs.

However, in its latest attack against him, the SE has once again referred to it with contempt and with the homophobic discourse that has always characterized the Cuban dictatorial leadership, no matter how much he has tried to cross-dress in recent times of “gay friendly", with the new Family Code and the “maricongas” of Mariela Castro.

This Thursday, the “brave” Cuban Warrior (who hides his identity, apparently, so as not to instill even more fear) tried to link Magdiel with alleged corrupt politicians, drug trafficking plots and anti-Cuban agencies, as he usually does with all opponents and activists. whose repercussions the Cuban regime fears.

But, once again, he did it with his unmistakable style, the one that, according to Arleen Rodríguez Derivet, official journalist and friend of the ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel, makes Guerrero Cubano worthy of being declared youtuber of the year.

“Hey, stuffed animal, you didn't know about the connection with drug trafficking?... Hey, by the way, you were very nervous that day, Mandy, you didn't even want to eat. And to top it all off you even recognized (…) that yours since you were little are the Yaquis. Yes, Mandy, yes. I've breathed on your neck. “I have given you the water, I have given you the wine that you drink, I have given you the cut of meat that you eat,” said the troll, showing how closely he is following his case and his statements on the networks.

At another time, the repressor tried to intimidate Magdiel by announcing an entire program dedicated to him. “Your special is coming soon and believe me, Mandy, you're going to pay for it all. There is nowhere to hide in the solar system.”

Activism and freedom of expression “are paid for,” said Guerrero Cubano, reproaching Magdiel's messages after the recent protests of 17M. “Since Sunday, and even days before, they activated the little doll,” he said contemptuously.

“Oh, Mandioca, Mandioca, Mandioca, you didn't put one in, eh? Remember, Mandioca, that Spain is small and it is difficult to hide. Of course, except under the bed of the American embassy officer who is assisting you. Hey, and I repeat it to you, little doll, don't cry, eh? "We all know how nervous you get," the fierce troll of the dictatorship insulted again.

That one Rodriguez Derivet proposed as “youtuber of the year” he did not miss the opportunity to commit one more act of misconduct (“I am going to be ethical about it”) and pointed out Magdiel as suffering from a “virus caused by your promiscuity and not protecting yourself.”

“You are taking a lot of antiretrovirals. Cassava, stop promiscuity and protect yourself. Of course, of course I know everything about you. And of course you are going to pay for them and there is nowhere to hide,” Rodríguez Derivet's “fuenteovejuna” concluded menacingly.

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