Single mother with three children receives threats of eviction in Cuba

"I can't leave there because where am I going to live?" explains this 29-year-old Cuban, a resident of Palma Soriano in Santiago de Cuba.

Yamila Núñez Parada © Captura de imagen / Cubanet
Yamila Núñez Parada Photo © Image capture / Cubanet

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Yamila Núñez Parada She is a mother of three children.Not having a home, he occupied a State premises that was abandoned and the authorities are now trying to evict her without offering an alternative to her case.

“They want me to leave the house, but I can't leave there becausewhere am I going to live?”explains this 29-year-old Cuban, a resident of Palma Soriano in Santiago de Cuba.

Yamila reported throughCubanet therepression and persecution that he has received from government institutions They want him to leave the premises he occupied so he can live with his children.

I need that home now because I have three children who have nowhere to relieve themselves."They don't have a kitchen so I can make their food, they don't have anything, we even sleep 4 people in a single bed," explained this single mother.

Núñez told howthere are days when they don't have food and she has even had to sell her clothes to be able to support her children.

She also narrated how her neighbors, government officials, offend her and her children so that they leave the premises where they live. With a broken voice Yamila confessed that they have come to tell herracist expressions towards their little ones as“pick up those monkeys!”.

“I feel hurt,I can't take it anymore, that's why I want to report to the Cuban government.A patrol even came and looked at me. I feel afraid", denounced this Cuban mother with a trembling voice and tears in her eyes.

Yamila Núñez explained that next to the premises where she lives, the government plans to build the home of the Chief of Police and the house of another official, so the fact that she lives there with her three children has become a problem.

My son ran out today when he saw a series of people harassing me and saying that I have to leave the house. "I am within my rights and that is what Miguel Díaz-Canel said," said the young woman in reference to statements by the Cuban leader in which he stated that themothers with 3 or more children, the State must prioritize the subsidy to fix their homes.

This woman had to leave the house where she lived with her family because she lived with many people plus her three children.He has been living with them for a year in an office, without a bathroom or kitchen.. In addition, they have had to face continuous attempts to break down a wall while they were living in the premises.

Yamila studied three years at the University of Santiago de Cuba, but she left her studies because she did not have sufficient financial solvency and had to take care of her children.Works in the private sector as a cleaning worker to be able to sustain them.

“My children's parents don't help me financially, but I'm not interested,I am a mother, they are my children and they do not weigh me down“said this Cuban who is fighting for a place where she can take care of her little ones in peace.

“I feel scared, for myself and my children. I know that today I am speaking and tomorrow they are going to come and continue harassing me. I can't leave because I have nowhere to go. What the Cuban government is doing to me is an abuse,” this Cuban woman said, deeply hurt.

The housing problem in Cuba seriously affects both the municipalities and rural areas as well as the most important cities in the country.. There are no rental options and when they appear the prices are so high that it is impossible to pay it with a salary in national currency.

The government does not resolve the situation, the collapses accumulate year after year andMore and more families are starting to occupy empty and neglected premises of the State.

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