Lisandra Silva tells of her horrible experience with the woman who took care of her son: "She robbed us and left my son alone at home"

"I am emotionally destroyed just thinking that something could have happened to my baby, that everyone involved is at large and that someone could have entered the house to steal him or harm him," said the Cuban.

Lisandra Silva sufre robo en casa © Instagram / Lisandra Silva
Lisandra Silva suffers robbery at home Photo © Instagram / Lisandra Silva

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The Cuban model Lisadra Silva and his partner, the Chilean dancer Raul Peralta, have been victims of deception and robbery in their own home by the nanny who was in charge of caring for their 7-month-old son Noah.

This was told by the mannequin herself through several texts that she shared in the stories section of her Instagram profile, in which she has almost 2 million followers.

"I ask everyone who reads me today to do something for you and your family. Keep an eye on your nannies, no matter how much you trust them, put cameras at home if you can, sensors, keep an eye on those who take care of your baby and your house Never trust and above all, always be attentive on the street. Car closed, windows always up, four eyes on the traffic lights, be aware of your surroundings. Don't always be on the phone and pay attention to who you are talking to and what you are talking to. "they always say," is how Lisandra Silva began recounting her terrible experience.

The Cuban woman wanted to share her story to alert all those who, like her, had a person in their home in charge of their child. "I need to tell you this because at least I want my experience to help others or warn them," he said.

As he added Lisandra Silva, a Brazilian woman of approximately 40 years of age "named Patricia or Aunt Paty", "an expert in babies" and "with good references", took advantage of the situation to steal some of the valuable belongings that the couple had in their home. As if that were not enough, while the lady was carrying out the theft, she twice left Noah completely alone.

"She secretly took all the valuable belongings. While there was another person at home, she hid, came out with a backpack and gave it to someone else outside the building. She went down twice, leaving my baby alone," the Cuban explained.

Lisandra Silva He said that he is taking the appropriate measures with the police, however, the woman and her accomplices remain loose on the street. In addition, Patricia assured him at the time that she worked for two more families.

Despite everything that happened, one of the things that terrified the model the most was thinking about the idea that the woman could have acted differently and given her son to anyone without her authorization.

"I can't stop thinking that he could have given my son to anyone saying that he thought it was our order or let anyone into the house. We are very vulnerable in this world. The important thing is that we are well, material things come and go ", "the nanny who delivered our things had photos of our drawers, of our valuables on her phone and she had sent them to her husband," she added.

Lisandra Silva She confessed in another of her writings that she was "emotionally destroyed" simply by thinking that something could have happened to her baby or that someone could enter her house to steal it or harm it.

"Guys, take advice, I ask you, that what happened to me does not happen to you. I take to the networks to raise awareness and that having this platform is of some use. I ask you, take good care of yourselves. Kisses," the Cuban concluded.

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