Leoni Torres lights up the networks with a photo of his best physical moment: "The closest I came to looking athletic"

The singer has drawn sighs from his followers with his sexy photography.

Leoni Torres muestra su cuerpo © Instagram / Leoni Torres
Leoni Torres shows her body Photo © Instagram / Leoni Torres

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The popular and beloved Cuban singerLeoni Torres is causing a real revolution among his social media followers after dusting off a photograph in which he shows a time in his life when he enjoyed his best physical moment.

The interpreter ofIt's you He uploaded an image to his Instagram profile in which he appears showing off his naked torso without a shirt and wearing short shorts that perfectly showed off his toned legs.

"The closest I came to looking athletic. A little while ago," the artist commented alongside the publication that has begun to fill with all kinds of reactions from his fans.

And many of the unconditionalLeoni Torres They do not believe that he has changed much in the past and that today he still has an athletic and well-kept body.

This has been demonstrated in some of the comments that appear in the post such as: "But you look identical", "I see you perfect, you haven't changed much either", "You have a 25-year-old body", "I don't see much difference" or "To me you are still just as beautiful."

Other fans, for their part, have not missed the opportunity to praise the singer with beautiful messages full of affection: "Pretty goes inside where few look", "Always sexy", You are unique Leo, athletic or not, The most beautiful thing you have is in your essence, in your soul. "You are a wonderful man, a good father, a good partner, a good husband, a good musician and above all, with a heart worth diamonds," are other words that can be read in the artist's publication.

What there is no doubt is that Leoni Torres, who has been happily married for years toCuban actress Yuliet Cruz, is one of the sexiest and most admired artists on the island and one of the ones that raises the most sighs among his legion of followers.

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