Elena Poniatowska and José Mujica sign a statement against the left-wing government in Nicaragua

The Mexican writer and the former president of Uruguay joined the left-wing voices demanding that President Ortega immediately end the repression.

Elena Poniatowska y José Mujica © Flickr/Creative Commons
Elena Poniatowska and José Mujica Foto © Flickr/Creative Commons

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Elena Poniatowska andJose Mujica signed the political declaration of more than 140 Latin American leftist intellectuals and leaders against the government ofDaniel Ortega, In Nicaragua.

The Mexican writer and the former president of Uruguay joined the left-wing voices in the region that demand that President Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo, vice president of the government, immediately end therepression against opponents and therelease of political prisoners.

The leader of the Sandinista Movement, Daniel Ortega, as ruler became “an autocratic and authoritarian president,” states the text that can be read in full in the newspaper.Confidential.

The signatories of this declaration affirmed that the Nicaraguan president has been “capable of mercilessly repressing his people, together with whom he did not know how, did not want to or could not build a quality of life or a democratic, transparent institutionality that would allow him to carry out, in freedom, peacefully, their destiny.”

They also warned that although it is difficult to know if Daniel Ortega became sick from power, he is really sick from maintaining power or both.

The document also expresses concern, regret and solidarity with the victims, in addition to clearly demanding that the ruler of Nicaragua “stop persecution and repression, release political prisoners and respect the rule of law.”

This declaration invites “the democratic and popular sectors to show solidarity without fear of being confused with the opportunists who today are shocked by what is happening in Nicaragua for mere publicity convenience, but who do not hesitate to snatch from their people even their most sacred flags.” in order to take advantage.”

At the end of June, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked the Nicaraguan government to guarantee that the people decide freely in the November elections and rejectedrepression and imprisonment in the Central American country.

Obrador on that occasion, after a new wave of arrests of opponents of the government,including several presidential candidates, asked the president of Nicaragua to guarantee the freedoms of citizens.

"There should be no repression anywhere, neither in Nicaragua nor in Colombia nor in any country in the world should force be chosen," he stated.

However, this statement by leftist intellectuals and political figures also implies a distancing from other sectors of the ruling left in the region such as Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia, countries that remain unconditional to Ortega and his wife Murillo for being “victims of the interference of imperialism” of the United States.

Ortega and Murillo are accused of leading a dynastic dictatorship and breaking the democratic order in Nicaragua after the outbreak, in April 2018, of massive anti-government protests.

Both leaders reject the charges of repression, in addition to hiding behind the useful argument that the opponents allied themselves with the United States to conspire and resort to terrorism to destabilize their government and carry out a coup d'état.

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