Spy Gerardo Hernández organizes an event in the neighborhood of the State Security doctor agent

"Today the CDR members of his neighborhood sent it to him, on behalf of all Cubans who admire him. Thank you, Dr. Carlos Leonardo! Thank you, agent Fernando!" said former Cuban spy Gerardo Hernández Nordelo.

Gerardo Hernández y médico agente de la Seguridad del Estado © Gerardo Hernández Nordelo / Facebook
Gerardo Hernández and State Security agent doctor Photo © Gerardo Hernández Nordelo / Facebook

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The former Cuban spy Gerardo Hernández Nordelo organized an event in a neighborhood of Havana for the doctor Carlos Leonardo Vázquez González, after he revealed his role as a member of Security of the State.

Gerardo, who serves as national coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), shared images of the event, in which neighbors gathered in front of the oncologist's home "to express the admiration and affection of his people."

"The affection of your people is priceless, and today the CDR members of your neighborhood sent it to you, on behalf of all Cubans who admire you. Thank you, Dr. Carlos Leonardo! Thank you, Agent Fernando!" said the former leader of the Wasp network.

Among those attending was journalist Humberto López, who in recent months has become one of the main defenders of the regime within the institutional press union.

Photo: Gerardo Hernández Nordelo / Facebook

The CDR leader took the microphone to attack again the actor and playwright Yunior García Aguilera, the main promoter of the Civic March for Change on November 15, whom the regime has been trying to discredit for months through a slander campaign in the official press media.

"They went all out on social media to say: 'And I urge you that if you have proof that I am not independent, that if you have proof that I have to do with any organization...' Look here at the evidence, they did not have agent Fernando. They did not want the evidence, here is the evidence. And there is more, there is more," he announced.

The tribute to the informant included the presentation of a singer who performed the song "Gallo de guerra", by the duo Buena Fe.

On Tuesday, Gerardo Hernández pointed out on his social networks that the Havana dictatorship has a large number of agents at its service.

"If they 'burn' one, just like that, imagine how many there will be", he commented on his Twitter account, insinuating that the number of Cuban government spies is such that the identity of some can be revealed without fear of harm.

Cuban State Security on Monday uncovered "agent Fernando", who has been working as a spy for the political police for 25 years, as part of the defamation operation against Yunior García, promoter of the Archipiélago platform.

After learning the true identity of the doctor, with whom he met years ago at an academic event in Madrid, he expressed that when he saw him on television he did not feel anger, fear or anxiety, but rather "a deep sadness at seeing things like that in the Cuba of the 2021".

"About 'Agent Fernando', the truth is that I don't have much to say. His discovery did not surprise me at all.. And frankly I think they are exaggerating by calling him 'agent'. For me, it must be some kind of informant, like the ones in Behind the Trace. Although I'm not very clear if there is any notable difference," he declared.

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